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Trekking to the Zenith of Clinical Trial Success!

Drug Development, just like trekking, is not just about reaching the destination, but also a description of the path we take. One can reach the zenith, attain success and have an adventurous trek only by going through a lot of ups and downs along the path.

Planning is the most important part of any trekking expedition - quite similar to the way clinical development for any drug candidate/clinical program is planned. Just like it's important to keep your backpack light for a successful trek, similarly it's also important to keep your endpoints & objectives simple for better conduct of clinical trials.

Being independent and staying motivated is essential for self-sustenance in a mountain trekking. Similarly, Integrity in Clinical Trials plays a vital role where each individual is responsible and accountable for his/her own task.

In many treks, the paths are unknown, and the trekker needs to find his/her own way. Likewise, almost every clinical trial is different in its own way and the team should find its own way for a better solution.

A positive mindset is the only thing which can really keep a trekker focused on his/her goal. Similarly, being positive and having the right mindset will help any clinical trial team to overcome all hurdles and work towards achieving success.

We learn to appreciate the little things when we trek. The little views of snow-capped peaks, forests, and birds we see around are the things that keep us going. The same way, it is important in any clinical trial to appreciate small efforts by every team member. This keeps the team motivated and brings in the right and positive work environment.

Many a times the co-trekkers are not the same and the bond between the trekkers tends to grow as each day passes. Similarly, the understanding and the connection between the Clinical Trial teams should go hand in hand. This will in-turn build the strength overall permanently rather than just being present temporarily. Incremental achievements add to the overall success of the clinical trial - much like each milestone adding to the ultimate success of the final trek.

Mistakes happen everywhere. Not just trekking or clinical trials, but to learn from those mistakes and come back again strongly is what matters the most. Every individual in a team should be responsible enough to learn from the mistakes they do and ensure not to repeat the same in future.

When there's disturbance in life, people try to divert themselves and relax where there's peace. Nature, amidst serene beauty and mountains are one of the greatest places where one can shut all the noises around you, relax and focus on your life. Similarly, in the Clinical Research field, teams should try their best to shut all the disturbances and focus on the real purpose of the Clinical Trials - better quality of care, reduced mortality, cure of a disease/condition or faster prognosis.

Every clinical trial conduct is not about being wrong or right. It is simply about testing your hypothesis. Comparing the way, we trek to someone else’s style is like apples and oranges. It is not even necessary to realize our own method. What is important, however, is that we trek.

Clinical Trials and Trekking are a journey to self-realization, self-actualization and ultimately - to the better of humanity!

"it's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves" - Sir Edmund Hillary

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