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Functional Service Provider

At ClinTrek Research Private Limited, we take pride in offering tailor-made solutions for clinical research, and our Functional Service Provider (FSP) Model is designed to cater to your specific needs. Our FSP Model ensures seamless integration of our expert teams with your projects, providing specialized functional services customized to meet your requirements. We are dedicated to driving successful outcomes for your clinical trials.

Our Specialized Functional Services

Project Management

Our experienced project management team is committed to overseeing and coordinating all aspects of your clinical trials. We understand the criticality of efficient planning, execution, and tracking to ensure the success of your projects. By adopting best practices and utilizing advanced tools, we ensure that your trials are delivered on time and within budget. With our transparent communication and proactive approach, we aim to mitigate risks and drive excellence in project management. Our project managers are experienced in managing large, multi-country clinical trials across indications and phases.


On-site Monitoring


Our on-site monitoring services offer a comprehensive approach to ensure the integrity and quality of your clinical data. Our highly trained monitors work collaboratively with investigative sites, verifying data accuracy, regulatory compliance, and adherence to protocols. With a focus on real-time issue resolution and continuous feedback, we maintain the highest standards of data integrity and patient safety.

Centralized Monitoring

Leveraging innovative technologies, our centralized monitoring services empower you with real-time insights into your clinical trial data. Through advanced data analytics and risk identification techniques, we identify trends, potential issues, and opportunities for optimization. This approach enhances the efficiency of your trials, reduces costs, and accelerates the decision-making process, ensuring your trials stay on track.


Why Choose Our FSP Model

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Our FSP Model offers the flexibility to scale services based on your project's requirements. Whether you need one specialized service or a combination of them, we tailor our offerings to match your needs.



With a team of seasoned professionals in clinical research, we bring extensive domain knowledge to the table. You can rely on our expertise to navigate the challenges of clinical trials successfully.



By engaging our FSP Model, you can optimize your resources and reduce overhead costs associated with maintaining in-house teams for each specialized function. Plug-in/plug-out, short term, long-term, activity-based, project-based – the options are limitless and can be further customized to suit your needs and budget.

Collaborative Approach

We consider ourselves an extension of your team and work collaboratively to align our services with your goals. Transparent communication and regular updates ensure that you remain well-informed about the progress of your projects.

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Quality and Compliance

Quality and compliance are our top priorities. Our FSP Model is designed to meet the highest regulatory standards, ensuring data integrity and patient safety.

Partner with us today to experience the difference our Functional Service Provider (FSP) Model can make in streamlining your clinical research projects. Get in touch with our team to discuss your specific requirements and explore how we can support your success.

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